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The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce you if you are not personally handing your resume to a hiring representative. An effective cover letter will summarize the Top Five selling points highlighted in your resume. Taking a tip from the Bible’s literary style, redundancy is good! An interviewer will only remember three or four things about out, so if skimmed through those selling points in your Cover Letter and your resume, then from you in the interview, hopefully he/she will remember that you:

  1. Consistently completed jobs under deadline
  2. Won a Customer Service Award
  3. Have excellent software skills.

Someone who doesn’t not drill home his selling points, might be remembered for:

  1. Having a high-pitched voice
  2. Playing golf
  3. Appearing unprepared.

Our achievement-oriented resume and Cover Letter will help you prepare for the interview.

The Cover Letter is standard protocol, whether or not the interviewer reads it, they expect it to be included with the resume. I advise clients to make a great impression in the email, before the HR representative opens up the attached resume, by cutting and pasting the Cover Letter that we will write for you, right into the body of the email. It will separate you from almost every other candidate, who will never think about doing that, unless of course they are also reading this website.

Clients ask if a cover letter is even necessary, because many HR managers claim they never read a Cover Letter. While that is true, it is also true the other HR managers always read the cover letter, and that if they are not impressed with it, they don’t bother reading the resume. Other HR managers always start reading the resume first, and if they are really interested in you, they will move on to the Cover Letter to get a better feel for your personality and communication skills. Other HR managers will throw the resume in the reject pile, unread, if there is no Cover Letter. So play it safe, and include a Cover Letter.

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“I was pleased with the quality, speed, and presentation of the final product. The new resume was 100% better than the one I first brought in.”

Marcus Teague

“Jody is a pleasure to work with, and he also has a great reputation for his leadership roles he has taken in the Atlanta non-profit community. He is a professional in every sense or the word, and I highly recommend him and his CareerPro Resume award-winning writing team to everyone needing a resume uplift and a higher interview rate.”

Ricky Kaplan, Attorney

“Once I mailed out my first batch of resumes, the phone calls started almost immediately. I was actually beating out people who had so much more sales experience that me, and getting interviews, and not just from insurance companies. I think the matching cover letter that they did for me enhanced my image even further. It appears as if I will be making at least $20,000 more on my next job.”

Gloria Simmons, Sales Rep