Our Award-Winning Writing Team

Poets, Journalists, and Bloggers

Your resume is only as good as its writer. If you are not a writer, and the person you hire to write your resume is not a writer, why are you paying them to use the same clichés that you would use, create a similar generic product, and get about the same interview rate?

Most resume writers do not come from previous writing careers.

Many are from administrative or sales backgrounds. It is very important to find out who the actual writer is. This is almost impossible to know if you are dealing with an online, out-of-state company. It is extremely rare to find a former award-winning journalist like myself in the resume industry. In fact, I have never heard of another resume writer with more experience nation-wide.

That is why we have had clients call us from all over the country. Upon reading our reviews, as seeing a recent resume writing award I received in 2015, a woman in Boston recently ordered three resumes – one for her son, one for her daughter, and one for her son-in-law. We contacted each new client, emailed them 20-part questionnaires to complete, and provided unlimited updates until they were each 100% satisfied with the product and the service.

Of course, I need assistance to handle the volume of new clients we see each week, and I spend many months training and coaching each new writer to our high standards of product and service quality. Very few candidates actually become CareerPro Resume writers, as many people who term themselves writers are just not qualified. In 25 years of owning and managing CareerPro Resumes, I have found less than ten individuals who I consider excellent writers.

I am very proud that, with the assistance and expertise, our clients continue to obtain the same 75% interview rate regarding of the state of the economy. That is because I personally guide and direct every phase of the resume writing process:

  • Meeting with each new client and beginning the information gathering process
  • Emailing the 20-part questionnaire to each client
  • Reviewing the incoming old client resume and questionnaire files
  • Working with each writer to obtain additional client information that they need (via telephone and email)
  • Co-writing, editing and proofreading all work before the client even sees the first draft.

My clients can reach me 24 hours per day, at any point in the process, as my work phone is always forwarded to my cell phone.

The CareerPro Writing Team includes:

  • A pair of award-winning poets
  • A prolific Chicago-based blogger/novelist/journalist
  • An established resume writer who was featured on Channel 2 News
  • The brilliant and creative CEO of an Atlanta website development/IT helpdesk company (for our C-level, executive and technical clients)
  • A New York City Broadway screen-writer
  • A dynamic journalist/radio show host
  • An Ohio radio station news director/reporter
  • A Brooklyn, NY social media manager
  • An award-winning creative writing college instructor
  • An extremely talented bi-lingual (Spanish and English) published fiction/non-fiction writer
  • A technically savvy webmaster (for our executive and technical clients).

We look forward to helping you get your next job interview.