1. Don’t be too ‘out there’

  • I know – you’re supposed to ‘stand out’ at an interview.
  • But dressing outlandishly is probably not the best way to do it, especially if you can’t back it up with any real substance – often it just comes across that you’re trying a little too hard to be different.
  • Instead, wow us with your intellect, passion and interesting personality.

2. Don’t be too boring

  • This is where you have to strike a balance.
  • You don’t want to come across too weird and wacky, but you also don’t want to look like you’ve got no personality whatsoever. You can jazz up any outfit with a splash of color to accessories or your tie or socks.
  • But again – don’t go too far (no purple suits).

3. Make sure you are comfortable

  • Interviews are nerve-racking enough; is it really a good idea to add the strain of an ill-fitting and restrictive outfit into the mix?
  • Rigid suits, overly tight pencil skirts and itchy jumpers are all common sources of discomfort. It’s guaranteed to show in your body language in the form of fidgeting, stiffness and/or visible frustration.

4. Especially your shoes

  • I know I’ve already talked about comfort, but shoes really do deserve their own section.
  • Ladies; just don’t do it to yourself!
  • Your new 6 inch heels may look fabulous but tottering about and falling over do not.
  • Basically, just don’t wear anything that you don’t feel comfortable or able to walk in.
  • Flats are also absolutely fine.

5. Make sure everything is neat and clean

  • Always make sure your outfit is ready a couple of days before your interview – just in case. You don’t want to wake up on the morning to find an unwashed, crinkled up shirt and scuffed shoes.
  • Your outfit should be clean (obviously), ironed and removed of all fluff – NO HOLES.
  • Your shoes should be polished.

6. Don’t overdo the fragrance

  • Try not to overdo it on the aftershave and/or perfume – there is (definitely) such a thing as too much.
  • A couple of spritzes should do the trick – you don’t want to suffocate interviewers in a small room.

7. Be wary of jewelry and/or tattoos

  • It is fine to wear some sort of accessory during an interview – just don’t overdo it. (Do you really need a ring on every finger?!)
  • You should also be aware that some employers will be put off by visible tattoos and piercings (like nose, lip and tongue).
  • It may not be right, but unfortunately, it’s true.

8. Get grooming

  • I’m not going to tell you how you should wear your hair, how much gel to apply and whether you should wear make-up or not. Just make sure your overall appearance comes across professional and tidy.
  • Your hair should definitely be neat and your nails should NEVER be dirty!

9. Never, ever, ever…

  • …wear jeans, trainers, a t-shirt or (goodness forbid) any sort of tracksuit.
  • (Or a clown suit, for that matter).

10. Play it safe, suit up

  • The safest outfit you can wear for an interview is a suit.
  • Think about it; if you underdress, you might look sloppy, indifferent or even lazy.
  • If you overdress, your interviewer will know that it’s just a part of the normal, interview protocol – in fact, that it’s etiquette. You can always jazz things up with the tips we’ve given above (nice accessories, a different color, patterns) – but sometimes it’s just best to keep it simple.
  • We’re interested in your personality – let that shine through.